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15 oz Metal Lid Soot Free Scented Candle

Medium size candle with Metal lid and gasket to seal in freshness.

All materials used to make this superior product are Made In the USA.

This Soot-Free candle is like no other!

Finish Line candles are hand-poured using the revolutionary Glacier Wax Soot Free Burn Formula.

Together with a lead-free, self-extinguishing wick, this candle burns cleanly, evenly and longer while still throwing a strong scent.

Over 50 scents and can be customized with any color.

CLICK VIDEO PLAYER to the LEFT  to see our demonstration 

Reduced Pricing! Contact now for reduced prices. 


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Further Description:

12 oz candle in glass jar. Includes 2 wicks for even burning. 

Burn time up to 50 hours. 

Free 5 ounce random sample upon request. 

Contact Factory for pricing over 100 pcs. 

product details:
2 Week Delivery!
Price Include

Dual Wick


Metal Gasket Lid 

Reduced Pricing! Contact now for reduced prices.
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