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Odor Eliminator

Finish Line Candles offers an odor eliminator candle that has many uses.  Most odor removing candles on the market today just mask the odor.  A scented candle is designed to “throw” a scent. The Finish Line odor eliminating candle works differently; the unwanted odor is absorbed and it leaves behind a light, clean smell.  


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Further Description:

Some of the uses include, but are not limited to:

·         Pet Odor (pet supply stores, veterinarians, groomers and pet boutiques)

·         Cooking Smells

·         Smoking (cigar, cigarettes)

·         Musty basements/rooms

·         Travel candles (hotel/motel rooms)

·         Gym/sport facilities

Candle can be customized with container and private labeling.

This candle is made with our Glacier Wax SOOT-FREE Formula™.  

Please refer to pricing to our regular sized containers of 26, 17.5, 10, and 5 oz. 

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